Friday, January 14, 2011

January 8-14, 2011

Week two of Project Life...365 found us shopping, snowed in , and snuggling!

You started the week off Dancing with Aunt Casi. She is addicted to Dance Party 2!

Sunday it started to snow and it snowed for four days. We even got Wednesday off school!

Monday night you thought butter sounded good. This is a fast cell phone picture...Daddy and I got a good laugh!

You love playing with your Little People intense!

Wednesday was a snow day and we ventured up to Target. You got your first taste of Starbucks...yes it was only apple juice. You now are a big fan of juice boxes!

On New Years Day you finally got your first two teeth. We have been trying for days to get a picture. So we forced you into a picture! You almost have a top one out!

We all have colds and are in snuggle mode!

Love you Butter!
Daddy and Mommy!

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