Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Dear Issabella,

Our first Christmas was wonderful. We stayed home and woke up to Santa and gifts from Mommy and Daddy! Santa brought you a wooden box that has things for you to do on all four sides and the top has a beads, animals that move. From mommy and daddy you got some little people love your little people.

Santa brought you a shake it all the time!

Aunt Casi came over in the evening and brought you a big box that you thought was so fun to crawl on. Inside the box was a little rocking chair, just your size.

The day after Christmas we went to Grandpa and Grandma's house and had Christmas there.

You were showing your little cousin just who was in charge, but he thought you were funny.

You helped Grandma open gifts and we had to keep the wrapping paper out of your mouth. You had a great 1st Christmas.

Love you, Butter!
Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Issabella and Carter's 1st Christmas

Issabella and Carter had their first gift exchange on 12-19-10. I wonder if they will one day be like their moms and tell each other what they want. Jen and I buy our gifts for each other when we go to Chicago. This year she got new tennis shoes and I got a box of goodies from Lush! (love their soap)

Issabella with her bag from Carter that was bigger then her!

Carter loves all things Mickey...M.O.U.S.E!!!

Carter got a little people dump truck from Issabella!

Can I open it now mom?

Issabella got a popping top!

No, Carter this is mine!



8 Months

Dear Issabella,

You turned 8 months old on December 21, 2010. You crawl everywhere, stand up and have attempted to stand without holding on to anything. You still have no teeth. Your favorite and only words are Hi Dada! Whenever your daddy comes into the room from work it's "Hi, Dada!"

This is a picture of you wearing my angel headband...notice the pacifier you have stuck on your have been very attached to your pacifier the past few days!

Here is what we remember right now about you...

*no teeth
*pulling yourself up and standing
*Hi Dada is your favorite saying
*You want to eat by yourself...which we don't let you have the spoon and you get really mad. We have found organic fruit smoothies that you can suck out of the pouch and you really like those.
*you are ready for a new car seat
*you are still cute!

Love you, Butter!
Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthday Fries!

Issabella got her first taste of french fries. For my birthday Seth and Issabella took me out to Red me some Red Robin. Issabella slept the whole time and woke up just as the bill came. So we put her in a high chair and feed her some of her food. The waitress asked if we wanted some more fries (it's bottomless fries at Red Robin). We got a basket and Issabella instantly wanted to know what we had. So Seth let her chew on one. For a girl who has no teeth she sure knows how to chew.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Issabella,

You have taken a liking to playing with your toy basket.


Baby's First Christmas Ornament!

Dear Issabella,

Your daddy and I hope that this will be something we do every year with your little hand. We took an impression of your little hand. We used air dry clay. You were more interested in chewing on the little wooden roller that came with the kit. Here are some pictures of your first Christmas Ornament!

Daddy and Mommy