Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Fun

A future CO?

Trying to blow a bubble.

Thanks Aunt Casi for my bubble wand.

Chubs do you want to blow a bubble?

I need a drink break.

Making a blow sound.

Checking on the garden.

We visited the East Race and she enjoyed watching the people kayaking down the race.


Monday, June 27, 2011

ICOO Camp 2011

For the past week we have been down at Ross Camp in West Lafayette at the Indiana Conservation Officers Organization Camp. Seth was an officer counselor for the third time. Issabella and I spent five night with him. We had a good time. Our tent was big and we were able to put Issabella pack n play in it along with all our stuff and queen size air mattress. We had to leave Thursday night because Issabella was crying so hard. She had two teeth come in.

Issabella taking her first taste of quail egg...

She seemed to like it!

Daddy and Issabella at ICOO Camp.

Issabella just wanting to be one of the Bobcats.

She ate two kabobs all by herself. They were turkey and goose and peppers

...she really liked them.

Water Day at camp. Issabella watching the campers with her daddy.

She loves to clap.

Issabella made a new friend Raegan. She was her buddy all week. When I get a picture of the two of them I will post it. Raegan was very kind to Issabella.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Beach Tacos on a Rainy Day!

Issabella's first Beach taco...

Daddy and Issabella going across the bridge.

Issabella's first taste of the yummy Beach taco.

Our lunch!

A sip of daddy's frozen icee.

Sitting on top of the picnic table eating cheese fries....she ate half the order.

She loved getting rained on.


I like lemon shake ups just like mommy!

It's a good thing our home in Brookston is only 15 mins from the we can go again when it will not rain on us.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hard Day!

Issabella and I went to South Bend and had Ice Cream at Culvers. Then we came home and played in the pool. She loves her water. Here is a picture of Issa crashed out. I think she enjoyed the ice cream.


A Man of Many Hats

Monday was my first day of summer break. Issabella, Carter, Jenn, and I went to South Bend and cruised Old Navy and Target. Then we had dinner at Steak n Shake! Here are a few pictures from our afternoon together.

Carter in a Steak n Shake hat.

Carter having fun in the dollar section of Target!

Issabella sipping on my Starbucks tea. Aunt Casi would be so proud. She only had one sip and then ate the ice when I finished it.


Friday, June 3, 2011


Issabella and I have gone to the park twice after I got home from work this week! (Yeah for today being my last day of work until the middle of August!) Here are some pictures of our little adventure. If you notice she is eating in almost all of her pictures. Thanks to Logan for getting Issabella hooked on Cheetos Puffs!

You just have to smile when you see her smile!