Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Choo Choo

Last weekend Issa and I went to the teacher store and played with the trains. She enjoys watching Chuggington on Disney Jr. She has a couple of the chuggers. She had fun playing with the tracks. They had three tables set up.

That little green chugger is Koko. She is her favorite. We are having a hard time finding it for her. She has the plastic ones that make noise. Every place I have looked has been sold out. She yelled Koko when she say this one!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Your Place

Dear Issabella,

You have your very own room to explore and dream in. We hope you love it as much as we loved making it for you. Dream big and reach for the stars little one.

Mommy made your picket fence (daddy keeps saying he helped, he might have, but I used the power tools.)

We enjoyed watching you run around your room and show it off to your cousins, (who told you it was cool)!

You tried sleeping in your new bed. The first night you slept in it for four hours. The second night you wanted to sleep in your pack n play in your new room. When it was time to take a nap you ran into your room and climbed into your bed. You did not stay long. Daddy and I heard the little pitter patter of your feet. We know that you will get use to it.

We love you butter!

Mommy and Daddy