Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Choo Choo

Last weekend Issa and I went to the teacher store and played with the trains. She enjoys watching Chuggington on Disney Jr. She has a couple of the chuggers. She had fun playing with the tracks. They had three tables set up.

That little green chugger is Koko. She is her favorite. We are having a hard time finding it for her. She has the plastic ones that make noise. Every place I have looked has been sold out. She yelled Koko when she say this one!



unholysaint said...

Love it. Ihave a train table I think I will take over to OLA since my grandsons are no longer near us.

unholysaint said...

BTW it is me Merry

Cami said...

Hi Merry, I bet OLA would love the train table.