Sunday, August 29, 2010

4 Months

Dear Issabella,

On August 21, 2010 you turned 4 months old. Daddy took you to the doctor for your check up. You had to get three shots. He said you cried more this time, then when you got them at 2 months. You weighed 12lbs 4oz and were 25in long. Your head crew almost 5 inches and now your head is in the 25% tile instead of the 10% tile. You have discovered your feet and love to lay on your back and try to get both of them by your mouth. Mommy went back to work this month and you have been spending most of your days with daddy. You and him have really became bff. He has taught you to take long naps. When daddy can't be home with you you go to daycare a few times a week. The ladies that watch you say you are so sweet and love to watch everything that is going on. We are really lucky and they care for you in a loving way and will change your cloth diapers. In this month you have started to twirl your hair when you are tired and trying to go to is super cute! We love you and love when all three of us snuggle in bed. You like the family walks we sit in the stroller and watch Chubs. Love you Peanut!

Here is what are doing at 4 months...

*you are rolling over onto your sometimes can roll back.
*you enjoy playing on your belly
*you are starting to drool
*you make noises that sound like their is a gremlin inside of you
*you have discovered your feet
*you twirl your hair
*you love to get your picture taken
*you think it is funny when daddy or I sneeze or burp
*you reach and play with items that are on the table when you are sitting on our lap

We love you,
Daddy and Mommy

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Relaxing Sunday

The weather today was wonderful. It was only around 75 degrees and breezy. Issabella and I spent a lazy day together while Seth was at work. I really should say Issabella had a lazy day...she slept til 10:30. She only got up at 6:30 to eat and then went back to bed. Here are a few pictures from our day together...

This is Issabella's new hobby...playing with her feet.

Well Hello...

It took Chubs a few minutes to figure out how to get to his food bowl. He kept looking at the blanket and then at Issabella...he finally put one paw on it and took a chance. She watched him eat his whole bowl of food.

I love these snuggle times!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tummy Time

Love you Peanut!

Mommy and Daddy

Friday, August 13, 2010

Playtime with Carter

Today Issabella and I went over and spent sometime with Carter and his Mommy Jenn.

Carter waking up wondering how this other baby got into his crib...

Issabella really wanted to hold Carter's hand!

Carter thought it would be fun to try and rollover onto Issabella..

Issabella tried to help him by pulling on his leg.

Mommy Jenn had to pull Carter of Issabella...

I am so glad I did not have twins...


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Love for Aunt Casi

Dear Aunt Casi,

I miss you! I hope you are having fun in Japan! I have learned a few new things since you have been gone. I can roll over from my back to my tummy and my tummy to my back. I am starting to get a tooth. By the time you see me I bet I will have it. Mommy misses you too, she sometimes picks up her phone to call you and then remembers you are in Japan. I can't wait to see you and give you a big wet kiss...I am really drooling!


P.S. Mommy wants to know how she got stuck putting gas in your car to get back to the airport with...sure glad she loves you like I do!

Friday, August 6, 2010


I made this little card today while Issabella was napping...

This morning when Issabella and I woke up we made Chewy Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies. Our friend Brook intrduced us to them a few years back. Seth loves cranberries and this is a great way to use them...super yummy! Here is Issabella helping me. I talked with her the whole time...I was telling her how to make them and she sat in her little chair just listening to me.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Post Number Three For The Day!

Issabella and I planted a little garden for Seth on Father's Day! Today we got a small cucumber, sweet pepper, large red tomato, and a few small yellow, cherry tomatoes.

Yes, our daughter is flipping your off...


Bubble Tea for you Bubble Tea for me!

We spent the early afternoon with our friends Corey, Brook, and Lily on Friday July 30. They introduced us to bubble tea...yummy!

Seth and are were not sure if we would like it so we shared one...they were yummy and we should have gotten two.

Lily got a swig of Brook's Blueberry was good too.

The look on Seth's face is him getting a tapioca ball in his mouth. They are at the bottom of the drink.

Me enjoying a sip of our strawberry bubble tea...

It is not a drink you want to drink want to take your time and enjoy! Thanks Corey and Brook...send another my way please!


First Camping Trip

We took Issabella down to Brown County this past weekend. My parents were staying at Brown County State Park all week. We caught up with Brook, Corey, and Lily eariler in the day.

Issabella and Daddy sitting outside waiting on dinner!

Grandpa showing Issabella the fire...she loved it!

Seth feeding Issabella some yummy sweet potatoes! A girl has to eat...

We enjoyed our time with the family and was glad the weather was cool. We spend Saturday in down town Nashville!