Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 15-21, 2011

Week three of 365!

January 15, 2011- trying to give mommy kisses!

January 16, 2011- Playing on the floor while mommy does dishes!

January 17, 2011-Watching Chubs eat his dinner.

January 18, 2011-Crawling on the treadmill.

January 19, 2011-Playing with Violet and her shopping cart.

January 20, 2011- Enjoying Cara's birthday dinner at Pizza Hut.

January 21, 2011- Eating at Culver's with Dad!

Bonus January 21, 2011- Laying in the cart at Target while Mommy and Aunt Casi bought you stuff!



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Nichole said...

This is how Wrigley shops too lol