Monday, January 24, 2011

9 Months

Dear Issabella!

This has been a great month for you. From 8 months to 9 months you have gotten your first teeth, learned to say mama, and nod your head. You stand and cruise around the furniture and reach as far as your little arms will reach. We have to have the end tables cleared off because you pull everything off and exam it.

You had your first Christmas and really enjoyed eating the wrapping paper. Right now you are loving your shopping cart from Aunt Gusta, Uncle Caleb, and Ryker. In your shopping cart goes Violet, your dog that sings from Grandpa and Grandma Painton.

Daddy took you to the doctor today for your 9 month appointment and you weighed 15 and 1/2 pounds. The doctor said you are going to be small but mighty...we already new that!

You got a bigger car seat and your first pair of shoes.

Hear is what we remember about you right now...

*you have three teeth

*you got a bigger car seat

* you now say mama, dada, and hi

* you sleep all night

* you pull yourself up and cruise around the furniture

* you are very interested in opening and closing doors

* you love big people food

* you drink out of a cup with a straw

* you nod your head


Daddy and Mommy

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