Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week in NICU

It has been six weeks since Ivy has been born. We can not imagine our lives without her. We wanted to write down about her first week of life so she can read about it when she gets older. 

So here we go...

She was born two days late. We finally got to say hello at 2:27am on August 6. I was able to hold her for just a few minutes and the doctor took her to examine her. She was very puffy and extremely large compared to when issabella was born. The doctor and nurses checked her out and the doctor turned to use and shocked us. He thought she might have Down syndrome. Seth and I could not believe what we were hearing. We wanted the warm and fuzzyness of having a new baby not a flood of emotions we were not ready for. Ivy had fluid on her lungs and they were hearing something odd with her heart. The nurses too her to hook her up to oxygen. We would spend the night and next day wondering about our little cupcake. 

Wednesday morning came and so did an ambulance ride to the NICU.  Seeing your new child being takin away in an incubator was scary. Seth and I followed in our car. 

When we got to the NICU the doctor was waiting for us. The first thing he said was asked us if we saw the Down syndrome. Our hearts sunk because we did not see it but here was another doctor talking about it. We decided to keep it between Seth and I till we knew for sure. It was a long and emotional week. She had X-rays  and echoes. The one bright spot were the nurses. They were amazing. 

Ivy had a feeding tube first in her mouth and then in her nose. We were able to stay up in a room and the nurses joked that they did not need to do anything because we were always there. Issabella was able to come and visit and was wonderful. She did not understand why we could not bring her home.

The following Monday a new dr took over and made us a little more comfortable. She was training a new dr and wanted to show him why she thought ivy did not have Down syndrome. She has her sisters nose and eyes. My turned Ears No creases in her hands or a back flap.  This was the first time in almost a week that someone took the time to talk with us about it in length. She was 95 percent sure ivy did not have it. 
Ivy had to do a two hour car seat test to make sure her o2 was ok for the car ride. 

We left that afternoon still not Knowing for sure. Later that night she called and gave us the wonderful news that Ivy's results came back negative. We cried and celebrated with her over the phone and told her to tell the nurses who were waiting to hear too. 

So we are happy to say we have a healthy baby girl with a perfect heart and lungs. She just discovered she has a voice and can smile when she wants. 

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