Friday, September 6, 2013

One Month

Dear Ivy,

Today you are one month old. You weigh 9 pounds 5 ounces. You still have a full set of hair.  People are wondering if you will lose it.  I don't think so. Your big sister Issabella loves you more then you know. She is always giving you hugs and kisses. If we are out somewhere and someone comes up to look at you she is right by your side protecting you. She enjoys singing to you. 

Right now...
🌸 You have dark hair
🌸 You don't like sleeping in your crib
🌸 You like to cuddle ( aunt Casi likes this)
🌸 You weigh 9lbs 5oz
🌸 You sleep about 4 hours at a time at night 
🌸 Your big sister loves you

We love you little cupcake!
Mommy and Daddy

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