Saturday, October 9, 2010

What a Week.

It all started with you being peed on by a tree frog. He hopped on the tray of your stroller and you had no fear and reached down and picked him up. As soon as you touched him, he peed all over your neck. Daddy had to pull the little guy out of your grip.

Your first tooth is starting to poke through. You are putting anything in the left side of your mouth to chew on.

You attended your first fun fair. For the first hour mommy carried you in the carrier and you laughed and giggled while all the people commented on how cute your were and how pretty the sunflower was in your hair.

Today at the farmers market you were the main attraction. Everyone kept pointing and telling other people to look at you. Multiple people stopped us and said how happy and what a beautiful smile you had. At one point when mommy was buying something you stared down two ladies. When they finally said hi to you, you smile and babbled back. They commented on how you waited to smile til they said hi to you. I said that you get that from the dog. He does the same thing.

Here are some pictures of you in your flower head band from today.

Here is a picture from you discovering that you could see the (baby) in the reflection of daddy's note book.

Love you peanut!

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Anonymous said...

poor little girl is going to have a flower growing out of her head all the time. i went up and held your cousin for a little today love you grandpa.