Saturday, October 23, 2010

6 Months

Dear Issabella,

On October 21, 2010 you turned 6 months old! Mommy took you to the doctor on 10-25-10for your check up. You had to get three shots and you were not to happy about that. You were fussy the rest of the day. Daddy and I had a bet going. We always do when you go to the doctor. We try to see who guesses your weight correct. Daddy guessed 14lbs 6oz and I guessed 14lbs 2ozs. You only weighed 14lbs, so we both lost!

We had your six month picture taken on 10-22-10 and you were not super excited about it. You only gave us big smiles when Cooper the dog was playing with you. You could not get enough of that little dog.

Here is what we remember about this time...
*you are taking baths in the "big" tub
*you can sit up
*you still have no teeth
*you don't like to sit still
*you have been sleeping 10 hours getting up drinking a bottle and then going back to sleep for 2 hours
*you can pull yourself up while holding on to mommy
*you still love to swing
*You are pretty talented with your pacifier

We Love You Peanut,
Daddy and Mommy

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Grandma and
grandpa P loves you too