Monday, July 5, 2010

Taste of Chicago 2010

Every year we go to Chicago and enjoy the taste. Each year different people join us. This year it was Casi, Lisa, Logan, Amanda, and Sophie!

Here I am feeding Issabella next to the Lego Granny in the shopping mall.

Issabella and I in front of the Millennium fountains.

Issabella getting her feet wet...she loves water.

I cut Seth's hair so he did not want his head to get burnt so he wore his hay hat all day...too cute!

Seth enjoying the smokin hot wings!

Chocolate tart Casi and I shared!

Our annual fountain pics....Issabella was sleeping!

Who would not want to date this person? Love her!

Till next year!


cpainton said...

I had corn in my teeth! How could I not pick at um?

:) Love you too!!

Austin said...

B-E-A-UTIFUL pics! (food looks yummy too) Hope to see ur smiling faces sooon....oh yeah and bring that baby ;)

Brook said...

Casi is beautiful, as always.

Be careful, I think that lego lady wants to take your baby!