Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rockin Green

Post Number 2 for the day!

Dear Issabella,

Your daddy and I have made the choice to cloth diaper you. You have such neat diapers from GroVia/GroBaby, Rumparooz, Swaddlebees, and Dreameaze. Your butt looks so cute, but the smell was getting to us. So mommy did some online research and came across a company called Rockin Green. Their reviews were great, people were even using the stuff to clean their husbands work clothes. So I thought we would give it a try. IT WORKS!!! No more smell and no more of this...

So now Issabella you look cute and your diapers don't smell!



Austin said...

BAH I love this...

"no more smell and no more of.....this" ps i'm on the hunt for a true "green" this stuff really awesome?!?!

Cami said...

Yes Austin it is...check out their website!