Friday, May 21, 2010

One Month...

Dear Issabella

Today you are one month old. You weigh 8lbs 4oz and are 21 1/4 in long. The doctor says you are a perfect little girl. We already knew that the moment you were placed on my chest and looked up and us. Everyday brings something new and exciting for your daddy and I. We love to listen to you coo and watch you sleep.
Here is what we remember about your first month...
*we are just starting to make you smile, you have always been a cheese making faces at us.
*your hair is so soft and is starting to fill in on top
*your socks never stay on your feet
*you like to hold my finger when I feed you
*daddy and you have a special bond and you like for him to rock you to sleep at night
*you love to take a bath and we love it fall asleep so easy after one
*when you go to the bathroom you lift both of your legs up
*you keep one eye open during the day when we are trying to get you to take a nap...we call this your stink eye(the picture is of you and your stink eye was taken today, when I was trying to get you to take a nap)
*if we don't feed you fast enough you get mad and shake your head
*from the first night we brought you home you slept 4 hours, you are now up to sleeping around 5-6 hours at night before waking up
*you love to snuggle

We love you little peanut!
Mommy and Daddy

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