Monday, August 13, 2012

The Summer of Indiana Beach

Issa, Me, Lisa, and Logan on our first trip to the Beach.

If we had to sum up our Summer of 2012, it would have to be with the words Indiana Beach. We went to the Beach I think a total of six times. Twice with Logan, twice with Seth's side of the family and once with Casi. It is super cheap for us to go because Issa can ride the rides for free and Seth and I only have to pay $2.50 to get in. I know I have mentioned before but the Beach has some of the best tacos around and we spent a fortune on tacos this summer...(so maybe going to the beach was not cheap after all)! Here are some pics of our Summer of Indiana Beach.

Issa with the tiger her daddy and uncles won her.

She loves the bumper cars.

One of my favorite pictures from the summer.

Eating a taco and dippin dots.

Day with Aunt Casi.

One of her many slushies!

Lisa and Logan.

Family picture.

Motorcycle time.

2nd trip for Issa and Logan...the dads went too.

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