Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5 Months

Dear Issabella,

You turned 5 months on September 21, 2010. We had to take you to the doctor last Friday because you were not feeling well. It turned out that you had an ear infection in your right ear. You were pretty crabby, but that is understandable for someone being so small and in pain. After four days you finally started smiling again.

In the past month you have started to inchworm your way to get something if it is close to you. It is pretty funny because you put your face on the ground and put your butt in the air and move a little bit. Once step closer to crawling.

You giggle and giggle, and it is so cute. You still love the water and are enjoying playing with toys in the tub. You also have become very attracted to Chubs. When we are outside and he walks by you grab his hair and try to pet him. He lets you but looks at us, like please make her stop!

You have been a little crazy girl the past week....really starting to show your personalty.

Here is what we remember about this month...
*you are becoming an inchworm
*you love mash potatoes
*you like playing in your crib
*you had your first ear infection
*your smile is bright and beautiful
*you love to splash in the water
*you love to hear us read Old McDonald had a Farm

*you are starting to growl and make odd noises

We love you Peanut,
Mommy and Daddy

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