Sunday, March 7, 2010

Angus and Patty

Here are our twins that were born on Thursday! We had to move them into the barn because the Mama was only feeding one. She is now feeding both.

Dosen't she look so soft!

We could not keep Chubs out of the barn he really wanted to be friend with the little ones.

The teenage cows that are in the barn love it when Chubs comes in to visit. They try to lick him.

We waited all day for this cow to have her baby, but no such luck!

Here is a picture of our bedroom again. Seth finished the hardwood, put all the trim up and got half of my closet organizer up! We plan on finishing it up next weekend and sleeping in it! WOOT WOOT!


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cpainton said...

Chubbies is so dang precious!