Friday, December 25, 2009

December Chicago Trip 2009

Well our annual Chicago trip came and went without Jenn. She is on bed rest and had to stay at home. So instead of staying in Chicago for two night CAsi and I just went for the day. We hit all our regular stops...the Container Store, Maggiano's...

Here is Casi holding Hanukkah paper. The store was almost out of all Christmas paper. We now know that we can not go late next year. If anyone has gone with us (Brook and Elin) you know how pack this store is with paper...nothing this year!

Her we are at Maggiano's....We had some yummy Creme Brulee...this made me buy a torch to make my own! (Thanks Jenn for the Birthday gift card to crate and barrel)

Finally the town all a glow!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas...


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