Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Taste of Chicago Book

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

For the past five years I have been going to Taste of Chicago! I will be going Thursday with Seth, Jenn, and Stephen! If you have never been you need to go. Here is a tip. Go as soon as it opens. Then when it is the official lunch time (when all the office buildings get out ) leave and go uptown. Then come back a few hours later. We have found that doing that it is less busy! Plus you can walk off some of the food and have room for more.

Every year I go I have the thought of scrapbooking the trip. I only did it last year because that is where Seth asked my to marry him. By the big fountain! So this year I got smart! I made a mini book today. Very simple. I will add pictures when I get back and more bling! Take a look!

THis is the cover. You might notice that I used more than one mini book. I put the pages together!

I got all the parts and pieces today for it at my local scrap store. The Memory Zone in Plymouth. If you need anything...go the the MZ!! Super Nice!!

I am also working on some animal cards today!! If I get them done I will post samples later today!!


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