Monday, May 4, 2009

Cubs, Cards, and Kelly!

1. Casi, Val, and I went to the Cubs came Sunday! It was fun, other than the guy that sat next to me. You can see him in the one photo!! He had a little to drink!!

2. My dear friends Brook and Corey are on their way home with baby Lily! Check out her blog!

3. I had my secret pal reveal tonight! Being around so many creative people really made me want to go home and create. I did just don't have a camera to post my cards. (A new camera is on my gift registry for our wedding)

4. Here are some pics from the Cubs game and game night at Jenn's house!!


This post is for Kelly. She said tonight that my blogging has been behind! Oops!! So here is an update.


cpainton said...

Dude, my pictures are copy right!

Kelly C. said...

That a girl, Cami! :)
I just wanted to catch up with ya, you busy girl!
Between teaching, homewrok and wedding planning, I am so sure you barelt have time to squeeze the blog in! Great job with all of your cards! :)