Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snowman Jar

Here is a example of the snowman jar I will have for sale on Saturday at the craft show. I am not sure what to sell it for. I am between $10 or $15 dollars! What do you guys think?


Beth said...

They're very cute! Just keep in mind that it's easier to sell more on the cheaper side than a few on the high side. However, I sold more of my expensive stuff this year at my craft booth than the cheap stuff. Go figure! Goodluck!

Rachel Sensei said...

Hey Cami!
I love all the stuff you are making!
So, it's time for shopping in Chicago this weekend, huh? I wish I was there. Here the weather has been like November, no snow or anything. So it will be strange trying to do Christmas shopping without tromping through the Chicago snow! :)
Ayaka said she sent out the letter this week! I can't wait to hear what your class has to say about it!
Eat something at Maggiano's for me!

Kelly C. said...

Wow, Cami!
Those are adorable! And I recognize that snowman too! Isn't he one of your fav's? I'd say price them 1 for a set price and maybe knock a bucl or two foo if they buy three...move 'em out!
Good Luck at your sale...I'll be watching to see how you do & have a great time in Chi-town!