Thursday, October 30, 2008


Seth and I went to a Halloween party at our friends Corey and Brook's last weekend. This is what we went as. Me a laundry basket and Seth as a duck hunter. We are going to another party on Halloween Night. I plan on being the same thing and Seth is not sure what he is going to be. This party will be inside and his duck outfit will be to hot.

On another note Jen, Casi, and I will be bridesmaide dress shopping on saturday afternoon. Fun, Fun. First though on Saturday morning Lisa, Sue, and I will be doing a 5K race in Plymouth. I have not worked out in a week. I have been feeling yucky! So I will take it slow on Saturday!!!

Blog at you later!!!


Brook said...

Good luck dress shopping and at the walk!

Kelly C. said...

Best of luck with your 5K, Cami! Wow! I think it's great that you do that!
Your costume is so cute! Got to remember that one! ;)
Hope you're doing great!